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LS8 (NN) on Final Glide at Sunset.jpgWelcome to GliderPilot.org -- a olymp trade survey Wiki site for Soaring and Gliding enthusiasts!  

Be sure to  Log In to get to see all the content available.  This site is devoted to soaring pilots from the solo student to the advanced cross-country pilot who want to increase their time aloft, the distances they fly or their speed achieved while racing.  We created this site because we love to soar and when we can't be in the air we find ourselves thinking about soaring, studying, learning, wanting to know more.  It has been said ... 

     If flying were the language of man, Soaring would be its poetry.[1]

On the this olympic trade site you will find everything from soaring related News & Articles about fun flights; excellent writings on the Theory & Technique used in soaring for cross-country, badges, distance and speed records, racing and much more.  The site is new but growing fast so keep coming back to see what's been added.  If you register with the site, you can have e-mails sent to you highlighting the changes that are taking place.

Check out the Site News under the Home top link for announcements of major changes to the site.

Navigating the site is easy and is designed to aid the "browser" who wants to skim through content quickly.  The "section links" that appear in the upper middle of the page define major topic areas.  By selecting the "section links", the"Menus" on the left will change to be context specific for the topic area and section selected.  Home always brings you back here.

There are three compare olymp trade other ways to browse the site:  

  1. Check out the Index
  2. Use the Search link at the top of the page to search just this site, or
  3. Use Google to seach and add site:GliderPilot.org in the seach string,
         e.g, type "site:GliderPilot.org weather" (without the quotes) in Google 
         to find our Weather Home page.

We sincerely hope you will join us and become a contributor by adding some soaring knowledge to the site.